Amazingly small 17.8 mm Virtium VLP DDR4 modules enter the market

With more and more manufacturers joining the DDR4 race, embedded and industry module suppliers Virtium have also entered the competition. The new memory modules are claimed to deliver up to 40% of power savings and twice the bandwidth over the previous DDR3 modules. Virtium offers the modules as solutions for server blades, networking and telecom applications.

The new DDR4 modules possess transfer speeds of up to 1866 MHz and a power consumption of 1.2V.

Virtium intends the DDR4 VLP RIMM modules to be used for space constrained embedded fields, such as blade servers. “Because of our sole focus on the industrial embedded market and that our customers are now doing a majority of their design work around DDR4, Virtium will fully support future proprietary  FBGA and Intel-based chipset systems with a comprehensive DDR4 roadmap of memory module form factors.” said Phan Hoang, Vice president of research and development.

The new modules are offered in the low profile ULP RDIMM and have capacities ranging from 4GB to 16GB. The form factor is DIMM, coupled with registers which allow for lesser loads on the memory controller. ECC is also in place allowing for checking in any type of internal data corruption. They are available in both x8 and x4 configurations as well, with standard operating temperatures from 0 degrees to 85 degree centigrade. Extended temperatures have ranges from -40 to 95 C. They come with a warranty of 5 years.


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