AltStore Update v1.3 Lets You Sideload Apps for Free on Non-Jailbroken iPhones


The AltStore platform received a major update over the weekend which will allow users to sideload any app on their iPhone for free. That's right, you don't have to rely on the App Store or jailbreak your iPhone. Scroll down for more details on the update and what else does it have to offer.

AltStore Now Allows You to Sideload Apps for Free on Your iPhone

The latest update to AltStore allows you to sideload any app on your iOS device for free. All you have to do is download the IPA of the app that you're looking for and then use the Files app on your iPhone to install it. As mentioned earlier, the ability to download apps on your iPhone or iPad for free is available for AltStore users as well as for its patrons.

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However, there's a minor catch - you only have the option available to download three active free apps at a given point in time but you can install more than three apps. The app's interface is quite easy to understand and operate as you can select the three active sideloaded apps.

We have already emphasized that the apps can be sideloaded on iPhone models which are not jailbroken. The way it works is simple as the platform exploits how the company's developer license works. The only downside that you might experience is that users will be required to refresh the installed applications through AltStore on your iOS device once a week. This requires you to have direct access to a computer. In addition, you should also need to have access to a PC in order to install AltStore on your iPhone.

Apart from this, AltStore v1.3 also features other major enhancements like faster refresh times, improved reliability when you refresh apps over Wi-Fi. AltStore was introduced last year in September.

Have you tried AltStore for sideloading apps yet? Let us know down below.