Alterborn Shooting Game Announced at Future Game Show Spring 2022 Showcase

Ule Lopez

Shooting games have been done to the point where there are several subgenres. There are first-person shooters, like Call of Duty, hero shooters like Overwatch, and Third-person shooters, like the Gears of War series. But a new game will be entering the scene soon, being Alterborn, revealed at the Future Game Show Spring Showcase 2022.

Alterborn is being touted as, according to PlayStation’s YouTube channel, “a unique blend of Soulslike, roguelike, looter shooter and more.” That description feels like it would be a nod to something like Borderlands. Nevertheless, Alterborn has a reveal trailer available to view, and you can watch it below. Maybe the game's focus can become clearer once you see it in action:

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Alterborn’s trailer shows a hooded figure walking through an abandoned building, with pulsating red vein-like roots covering various structures. Going further inside, the hooded character uncovers a tree that looks like it’s the origin point of the roots, and as they prepare to loot it, are attacked by a monster.

Alterborn has some information further disclosed in the video description, according to PlayStation. That information reads as follows:

Alterborn is a third-person survival action shooter; You’re an Alterborn, one of the last survivors that eluded death, but not without cost; change overtook you, becoming etched on your very being. You’re set to explore the Shattered Lands, while on a quest to venture into the heart of the curse that plagues you.

Given what’s shown as of current, the game doesn’t have in-engine gameplay, as this is more of a cinematic trailer style. Gamesradar, on the reveal live stream, disclosed that the upcoming third-person shooter will be released in 2023. We’ll continue to update as more information for the game is released.

Alterborn will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam sometime in 2023. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist here.

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