Alienware Unveils Its First Headset in Nearly a Decade and a New Elite Gaming Mouse

E3 is supposed to be about all things gaming, but new console games are the main focus – hardware, particularly PC gaming accessories, tends to get overshadowed. Alienware knows this and wisely opted to do their all their big announcements today, nearly a week before the E3 2018 officially kicks off.

The headline news is that Alienware is about to release its first new gaming headset since 2009. The Alienware Wireless Headset boasts 7.1 virtual surround sound, deep bass, and support for the AlienFX lighting system. Expect to shell out some serious cash for those features, as the Alienware Wireless Headset comes with a hefty $229 price tag. Check out some beauty shots below.

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The Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset is for diehards demanding game-dominating audiophile detail. Enhance game performance with clear natural and spatial sound, acoustic signature presets and customizable sound profiles, augmented by high-fidelity 40mm Neodymium drivers to deliver deep rich bass and an expansive soundscape. Designed for clear natural voice quality, in solo and multiplayer situations, the headset lets players position the mic nearer their mouth to reduce background noise, with a Game/Chat volume mixer and built-in voice notifications for battery life and wireless connectivity.

Durable yet lightweight, the headset is distinguished by a wide flexible headband engineered for snug fit and extreme comfort, with all controls within the reach of one finger. Rotatable, sports-fabric earcups keep players cool and focused, especially for marathon gaming. Alienware fans will appreciate the iconic design elements, including animated two zone LED lighting and click-and-play customizable AlienFX per-game light settings.

Alienware will also be launching a new version of their Elite Gaming Mouse. It come with interchangeable side wings, and four five-gram weight adjustments for those who really want to fine-tune its handling. The new Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse will set you back $90.


The new Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse puts more control in gamers' hand with advanced ergonomic engineering with two redesigned interchangeable side wings (with two or four buttons for FPS/MMORPG) and three-position palm rest for virtually any grip. With four configurable 5-gram weight adjustments, gamers have ultimate control over cursor precision and movement speed, enhanced by five configurable levels for on-the-fly DPI switching based on the need for speed or precision. Better efficiency also comes from nine to 11 programmable buttons with 512k onboard memory for in-game customization. Further personalize the immersive experience with AlienFX lighting.

Finally, Alienware’s parent company Dell also announced an update to its line of Inspiron gaming desktops. It will include a Ryzen 7 processor and a Radeon graphics card (up to a RX 580). With prices starting at only $850, the new Inspiron seems like a solid choice for those who want a simple, low-fuss gaming PC (that doesn’t come in a completely embarrassing case).

The Alienware Wireless Headset will be available on June 11 and the new Elite Gaming Mouse drops on July 31. The Dell Inspiron update doesn’t have a set release date, but should become available this month.

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