AirPods Stickers, the Same Size as the Original Are Scattered All Over a City as a Clever Prank to Confuse Existing Owners

AirPods stickers prank

Given that there’s no secure way of storing your AirPods other than the case you’re provided, there’s a high probability you’ll end up losing one of them if they’re in your ear or out of them. If you haven’t as yet, we congratulate you on your resolve, but Pablo Rochat is about to make your greatest fear of owning the AirPods come to life. He has made life-size AirPods stickers and scattered them all over the city as part of an elaborate prank. Here are more details on what he’s been up to.

AirPods Stickers Have the Exact Same Size as the Original and They Are Stuck to the Streets to Make Owners Think Twice if They’ve Actually Dropped One of Them

As part of a prank, Pablo Rochat, an art director, decided to create realistic AirPods stickers and place them on the sidewalk. Considering that Apple’s wireless earbuds are amongst one of the most popular purchases, we can assume a lot of people walking across the sidewalk would be wearing a pair and that could mean a lot of potential trouble.

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Since these AirPods stickers feature the same size and are stuck to the ground in various parts of the city, if a wearer notices one of them, they’ll probably start searching their pockets to see if they didn’t accidentally drop it.

Do keep in mind that losing a single AirPod means you’ll have to make a trip straight to an Apple Store outlet, where you’ll have to pay $29 if you have AppleCare+ warranty purchased for this particular product. However, an ‘out of warranty’ purchase means you’ll have to spend $69 per lost unit.

The amusing thing about this whole prank is, he’s probably not going to be the only one carrying it out. Now why is that? Well, he’s made life-size templates of both AirPods and AirPods Pro to make your friends panic and for those that have purchased the more expensive AirPods Pro, we’re sure pranksters will have a lot of fun with them. Do remember though, an ‘out of warranty’ AirPod Pro is much costlier than a regular AirPod so be careful when you’re wearing them, no matter where you are.

News Source: Twitter (Pablo Rochat)

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