AirPods Pro unboxing videos provide early impressions and setup details


AirPods Pro unboxing videos have finally started appearing on YouTube from the likes of MKBHD, iJustine and SuperSaf. These videos are not exactly technical reviews but they cover the design, noise cancellation, Ear Tip Fit Test, and other such details.

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AirPods Pro are the latest updates to Apple’s popular wireless earbuds. They feature a new design, in-ear tips, improved sound quality, active noice cancellation, wireless charging, pressure sensitive force touch controls, and water and sweat resistance. They also use advanced tech to adjust properly to a user’s ear, with an Ear Tip Fit Test. This also helps in providing the best active noise cancellation. They are available for $249, which is $50 higher than the regular AirPods with wireless charging case.

iJustine’s video goes into a very detailed unboxing process. She shows how the tips are changed, and how the Ear Tip Fit Test works. The Ear Tip Fit Test adjusts the AirPods Pro so they provide the best acoustics and noise cancellation customized to the wearer’s ears. The noise cancellation works really well, but she reports that you can still hear slight sounds. For such a tiny package, it’s still remarkable how well it works.

MKBHD’s video also goes into detail on the design and fit of the new AirPods Pro. He says that they fit much better due to the in-ear tip design, compared to the regular AirPods. Oddly, MKBHD did not give much of a positive or negative impression, opting to stay neutral. Perhaps he decided to save his impressions for a video later on.

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SuperSaf’s video goes into a similar routine of design and setup process. He shares that he prefers the audio quality of the new AirPods Pro over the regular AirPod due to better bass. He also praises the improved fit and active noise cancellation.

A common theme amongst all these early AirPods Pro unboxing videos is that active noise cancellation works very well, albeit not 100%. The fit is also much better for most ears, compared to the regular AirPods, which can be uncomfortable to wear over longer periods of time. They would also fall out for many users, since the fit wasn’t as tight. Lastly, audio quality is definitely improved, due to the improved drivers and reduced external noise.

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