AirPods Pro Reach Lowest Price Ever for Black Friday 2020 [Available for $169.00]

Omar Sohail
AirPods Pro Reach Lowest Price Ever, for Black Friday 2020 [Available for $169.00]

It’s unbelievable to see a discount like this, but when Black Friday 2020 is upon us, pretty much anything is possible when it comes to discounts. Apple’s AirPods Pro, which launched for $249, are now available for only $169 from Amazon. These aren’t used in any way; we’re talking about brand new AirPods Pro. Are you surprised? You should be.

Unlike the regular AirPods, the AirPods Pro are compact in size, and these feature silicone tips so that they can effortlessly fit in a variety of ear sizes. Assuming your ear isn’t compatible with the current AirPods Pro ear tip, replace them with the ones included in the packaging, and you’re good to go. However, that’s not the best thing about these wireless earbuds. Having access to features like improved audio quality and Active Noise Cancellation is. According to Apple, with Active Noise Cancellation enabled, wearers can experience around 4.5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

You get a Wireless Charging Case that’s used to top up the battery of the wireless earbuds. While using this accessory, you can garner a total of 24 hours’ worth of listening time. Now that’s some serious battery life on a package this small. The Wireless Charging Case can be plugged in using a Lightning cable, or you can use a Qi wireless charging pad for extra convenience.

Perhaps the AirPods Pro's biggest selling-point after the improved audio quality is just how easy it is to pair them with your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to Apple’s custom H1 chip, you can pair these as soon as you open the Wireless Charging Case and when your iPhone or iPad is nearby. You won’t have to worry about jumping into the settings to make it all happen. It only takes a few seconds to complete the automatic pairing process.

This discount is definitely one of a kind, but there’s no telling how long the stock or the price will last, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late.

Get the AirPods Pro from Amazon for only $169

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