Apple Adds AirPods Pro Eartips Replacement Costs, but They Aren’t Even a Fraction of the Product’s Price

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AirPods Pro Eartips Replacement Costs Will Hardly Hurt Your Wallet

With the new AirPods Pro, you get a slew of improvements and important features such as Active Noise Cancellation. At $249, they are considered to be quite costly, and according to the latest info, AirPods Pro eartips replacement costs have also been added to the total.

While AirPods Pro Eartips Replacement Costs Won’t Be Something That Customers Will Worry About, They Shouldn’t Attempt to Damage the Product Either

You can choose from the small, medium, and large eartips so that the latest AirPods fit your ears securely. This means that unlike the previous AirPods, you wouldn’t have to worry about these falling off from your ear when you are running or exercising, for instance. Then again, never say never. A universal fit might still be a challenge for a lot of wearers to achieve. Moreover, there are other ways to lose the silicone rubber tips too. However, even if you do misplace them, the good news is that AirPods Pro eartips replacement costs are nothing to sweat over.

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They cost just $4, which, and when comparing the total to the actual price of the AirPods Pro, is peanuts. The AirPods Pro are also sweat and water-resistant, thanks to an IP54 rating. The silicone tips are actually central to the noise cancellation design, as Apple says they will act as a seal. An innovative vent system minimizes discomfort and equalizes pressure, according to the company.

Even though the AirPods Pro eartips replacement costs are affordable, the wearables are pretty expensive to replace. This means that when you don’t have Apple Care+ and are out of warranty, you will have to shell out $89 for each AirPod Pro if it gets damaged. The cost is the same for the case if it becomes non-functional. However, if you do have AppleCare+, it will take just $29 to replace the AirPod and its case. While the AirPods Pro might be expensive, early reviews indicate that they are worth it. In the coming days, we can expect to find out more about market reception.

Will you splurge $249 on the AirPods or rather settle for an affordable alternative? Let us know by commenting down below and if you want to know which one is suited for your daily use, do check out our detailed comparison between the AirPods Pro and standard AirPods.

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