AirPods Pro Drop to $199 Once Again, Making them the Best Deal in Tech Today


The AirPods Pro have dropped to a low price of $199 once again. If you missed the deal before, then you get a second chance today.

AirPods Pro Drop to $199 Once Again for Limited Time, Experience Noise Cancelling, Quick Pairing and More For $50 Less

Apple loves to toy around with the AirPods Pro price a lot. On Amazon, the company simply refuses to sell their famous true wireless earphones at full price, which is obviously a great thing for us mere mortals.

If you managed to miss buying the AirPods Pro from the price dip before then you can do it today and experience what Apple has to offer on the 'professional' end of the AirPods lineup.

Once you part ways with your $199, you will receive a pair of earbuds that are ready to be paired instantly with your iPhone or iPad. Just open up the charging case lid, you will see a pairing notification on your iPhone and iPad, tap Connect and you are paired across all your devices.

Apart from that, you get noise cancelling which works like a charm if you wish to block the noise from the outside world. If you want to listen in on someone, transparency mode exists for that reason. Transparency mode is the exact opposite of noise cancelling and it is perfect way to keep track of your surroundings.

With up to 24 hours of battery life using the case, you can expect to go through several days without charging. If you do run out of juice, just place the charging case on a Qi compatible wireless charger or even MagSafe. A Lightning port exists at the bottom if you want to top up the battery old school style.

Enough of the praises and features, head over to the link below and grab the deal before price returns to $249 or close to it.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro - Was $249, Now just $199