Afraid of Losing Your AirPods? The AirPod Strap Solves That Problem


A genius little accessory that goes by the name 'AirPod Strap' will prevent your from losing your wireless Apple AirPods.

The 'AirPod Strap' Will Save You from Losing Your AirPods, but Are They Worth It?

Along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple announced its brand spanking new earbuds dubbed the 'AirPods.' Essentially they look like the EarPods without the wire (obviously at face value) but the potential to lose them is so high that it has started a new wave of memes in the tech space. So, keeping the 'losing' bit in mind, a company has come up with a new accessory called the 'AirPod Strap.'  What the AirPod Strap does is no rocket science. But how it achieves it is so genius that we'll go as far as saying that it's one of the most genius accessories we have ever seen for an audio device.

The AirPod Strap is used as a tether to keep your AirPods safe. They are easily attached and detached from the new Apple AirPods so removing for charging is easy!

Basically, it's a tether for your AirPods that keep the two pieces together regardless of where you toss them around. Just take a look at the image above and you'll instantly understand what we are trying to say. But, is the AirPod Strap worth the investment? At just $19.95, it's not cheap, nor are the AirPods at $159. So, if you're dropping in that much cash on a pair of wireless earbuds that you can potentially lose on a bus ride, then it would be a wise move to invest in the AirPod Strap as well. This will ensure that you do not lose one AirPod piece due to carelessness.

If you're interested in buying the AirPod Strap, then you'll be pleased to learn you can pre-order them immediately. Simply head over to this page and add in the required details to get in line.

Wrap Up

We're quite sure people will end up losing one piece of their AirPods in the most ridiculous manner possible. If that turns out to be the case and you're not willing to buy an accessory like the one mentioned above, then we recommend putting your AirPods back in their original case once you're done using them. We do realize that statement might sound a little naive at first, but admit it, our laziness will force us to leave the AirPods on the dinner table no matter how hard we try.