Ahead of its Big January Launch, Apple Rejects ‘Samsung Pay Mini’ on App Store


Samsung is facing a mighty blow as Apple has rejected the South Korean giant's Samsung Pay Mini app on App Store.

Samsung is Expanding its Mobile Payment to Other Devices - Apple Users Won't See The Service Now it Seems

The South Korean electronics giant is all set to roll out Samsung Pay to other devices around the globe. Currently, the mobile payment service is exclusive to Samsung's own lineup of Galaxy devices. All of that is set to change in January, with the South Korean giant launching its 'Samsung Pay Mini' app for for iOS and Android. Interestingly, the former won't see any sort of launch now as Apple has rejected the app for undisclosed reasons. Samsung on the other hand has decided not to resubmit the app again, and instead will focus on Android.

Samsung has confirmed that the app did exist for Apple devices, and has indeed been rejected as well. The Samsung Pay Mini app will be used to extend the company's mobile payment system to other devices in order to take on Android Pay and Apple Pay. But given Samsung Pay won't launch on App Store, therefore Apple will enjoy its payment monopoly to the finest.

It's also rumored that Apple Pay will launch in South Korea - Samsung's home ground - in first half of 2017. Apple is yet to make an official announcement regarding this. But it will be interesting to see how Samsung Pay and Apple Pay will take on each other head to head.

Wrap Up

Given how Apple Pay works, and how the NFC element of the iPhone is not available for developers, how was Samsung bringing its mobile payment system to iOS in the first place? Whatever the case might be, Apple has delivered a blow to Samsung and the Korean giant has put its ego on the line by not resubmitting the app to the App Store. I guess it's fairly obvious iOS users are going to stick around with Apple Pay in the months and years to come.

Until or unless Apple gives away more freedom to developers.