Age of Empires and Rise of Nations Could Land on Xbox One Soon

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Nov 8

Age of Empires and Rise of Nations could soon be announced for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. They have both been briefly spotted on the Microsoft Store; Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was noticed and reported on by ResetEra user Neural, while Rise of Nations was noticed and reported on by Reddit user 08spurlingD.

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Microsoft, the publisher of both games, revealed back in September that official mouse and keyboard support is coming to Xbox One. The first game due to implement it is Warframe by Digital Extremes, but more information is expected to be released at the X018 event in Mexico City this weekend. Real-time strategy games like those two seem a great fit to expand the roster of mouse and keyboard compatible games on Xbox One.

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We reviewed Age of Empires: Definitive Edition when it launched on PC this February. Here’s the summary written by Chris:

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition has certainly got the nostalgia factor going for it. Despite its age, and the numerous problems that come from it, this is still a good strategy game. The major issue is that everything about the game has been refined and done better, even by its own successors. As a way to promote Age of Empires IV, it’s a sensible move. As a way to revive the series using older titles, that was already done best with Age of Empires II HD.

Would you like to see these two classic real-time strategy games on Xbox One? Tell us in the comments.