ADATA Launches Industrial-Level DDR5 Memory Solutions

Jason R. Wilson

ADATA Technology is set to launch next-gen industrial-level DDR5 memory solutions, with the expectation of businesses benefitting from increased performance. ADATA hopes to assist in developments of AI, 5G, Edge Computing, Automation (especially in the automotive industry), High-Performance in Computing, and Healthcare with their newest DDR5 memory solutions.

Yole Developments, a "market research, technology and strategy consulting company," states that DDR5 memory shipments are expected to exceed DDR4 technology by the year 2023, rising DDR5 sales to make up 90% of the market by the year 2026. DDR5 is expected to become the standard for the future, as well as a key player in technologies like 5G and AIoT. ADATA recognizes this, and is unveiling several DDR5 memory solutions, including U-DIMM and SO-DIMM series. Both series will use specific high-quality ICs directly from the manufacturer in capacities of eight gigabytes and higher. DDR5 is expected to produce two times more bandwidth with up to 4800 megahertz frequencies. It also is expected to be extremely energy efficient, offering an operational 1.1 volt power consumption.

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ADATA industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules are equipped with Power Management ICs (PMIC), which move power management functionality from motherboards to memory modules. This allows for more efficient adjustment of voltage for enhanced stability and performance. The modules are tested to ensure the utmost reliability and performance for meeting the needs of enterprise-level servers for big data analysis, deep learning, and high-performance computing. The modules also sport Thermal Sensor technology and on-die error correcting code to prevent overheating and maintain stable and accurate signal transmissions.

ADATA's memory modules will be "equipped with other value-added features" depending on the needs of the situation. This includes "30µ PCB gold plating for improved signal transmission reliability; anti-sulfuration protection, and conformal coating technology for resilience against pollution, dust, and humidity."

ADATA DDR5 memory solutions should start seeing global scale production in this last quarter of 2021. Other ventures by ADATA are EEC, R-DIMM, VLP DIMM, and various temperature specific series, meeting the needs of both various businesses as well as consumers.

For more information about ADATA's DDR5 memory options, as well as availability, contact your local ADATA representative through ADATA Industrial website.

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