Acer Has Delayed Its Featured Enriched Predator X27 Gaming Monitor to First Quarter of Next Year – Reason Not Mentioned

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Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor

Sometime back, Acer announced its heavy-duty Predator X27 gaming monitor that triggered the gaming community thanks to its long list of features. Though Acer did not reveal a price tag, after reading what it features, you can pretty much assume that it will burn a hole through your wallet. Unfortunately, the gaming monitor that was supposed to end up on market shelves this year has been delayed to 2018.

Acer Has Not Yet Provided a Response to Its Predator X27 Gaming Monitor Delay - Production Woes Might Be the Primary Cause

Other than a tweet, Acer has not provided any solid reasoning as to why the Predator X27 gaming monitor has been delayed to Q1, 2018. It is possible that display manufacturing companies have dedicated their efforts to producing miniature panels for mobile devices and that might have put a strain on Acer’s own agenda in releasing the Predator X27 on time. Unless the Taiwanese manufacturer publicly releases the reason why the monitor has been delayed, we will have to keep on waiting.

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As for its specifications, it is definitely a gaming monitor of the ages, at least according to these specifications. It provides support for G-Sync, HDR, 4K resolution, and has a 144Hz refresh rate. The monitor is also based on quantum dot technology and features its own 384 individually controlled LED zones in order to deliver that wide color contrast that experience with a display that supports HDR out of the box.

It also gets very bright and is color accurate, making it exceptional for content creators and professionals alike. The Predator X27 supports up to 1,000 nits of brightness and 99 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. An ultra-fast 4ms response is also a part of those features, in case we missed that for you.

With the price and release date both yet to be detailed looks like we will have to wait for the CES 2018 trade show to kick off to provide you with further details.

What reasons do you think Acer was forced to delay its Predator X27 gaming monitor? Tell us right away.

News Source: Twitter (Acer)

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