“You Can Access Your Game If You Have The Digital Rights” – Microsoft

Earlier a problem broke out and users who digitally bought the Far Cry 4 game off the Xbox Store digitally could not play the game and hence the game was taken off the Xbox Store and digital users were also locked out of their respective games. After removing and reinstalling the game, users still found that the game showed an error code '0X87DE07D1' whenever they tried to boot the game. The game would then ask if the game was purchased and an original version. Microsoft then resolved the problem by asking users to sign into their Xbox Live and then play the game and it worked but the game was removed from the Xbox Store and other users were coincidentally locked out.

Users Can Now Download Their Game if They Have Bought It

Microsoft has bounced back saying that it was just a glitch and they did not mean to cut any owner out of their game since they had no right to do so. Users can go back into their download history and re-download the game if they have purchased it previously. The current DRM works the same way as the one before in the Xbox 360 as it allows users to download removed games from the Xbox Store if they have been bought by the user.

"If customers own the rights to a game, they can visit their download history and initiate a re-download whenever they please – even if the game has been de-listed from Xbox Store and is no longer available for purchase" a Microsoft representative confirmed to VideoGamer.

"On Monday, some users were unable to access their digitally purchased base edition of 'Far Cry 4'," Microsoft confirmed again to VideoGamer"Our team has resolved the issue and all access to the title has been restored."

Previously Microsoft planned that games on the Xbox One console would need an internet connection for online digital authentication acting as a wall against piracy but the idea did not hold and was removed, allowing the users to download and play their games even without an internet connection. But the requirement to be online, of Far Cry 4 game, shows that this is still implemented in a bit passive way as this is what seemed to have caused the problem of users not being able to boot their games. But the way Microsoft has responded to this query has been really positive showing that the company values its users and their collection is safe with the Microsoft team.

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