Abstract Puzzle Game ‘The Mesh’ Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week


This week, Apple is giving an abstract puzzle game as its free app of the week promotion. If you're into puzzle games and you want to save some extra bucks, download The Mesh from the App Store right now. Previously, the game has also been selected in Apple's Editors' Choice category. Normally, the game is priced at $1.99, which you can now get it for free.

Lose Yourself In The Immersive Gameplay Of The Mesh

Developed by the Creatiu Lab, the game is not like other puzzle games on iOS platform. The Mesh deems to provide an immersive gameplay experience with a unique design and layout, which will hook players for good. The abstract puzzle title will offer a ''new original concept and innovative gameplay'' which you might have not experienced before. Moreover, playing the game is relatively simpler than others of its kind.

Play with your friends and rank yourself by making high scores. Your primary motive will be to conjoin the numbered tiles in order to achieve or maintain the highest score. However, that's not it, the game features a twist. Every move you make in order to combine the numbered tiles, the mesh loses a tile until it runs out. Once there are no more tiles to lose in the mesh, consider the game over. This is by word one of the most indulging games which will clasp your interest to the next level.

To further wallow in your interest, the game boasts impressive visuals which is definitely a treat. Moreover, the soundtrack will yield you in for a much more pleasant gameplay experience. There are many other pros of the game that might catch your eye as well. For instance, The Mesh features no in-app purchases, which means you don't have to worry about unlocking additional content.

“The interactions with the mesh have been designed to be an experience on its own,” adds Creatiu Lab. “Every reaction, animation, and detail have been crafted with an organic behaviour, making it a joy just to play with it.”

The most important aspect of the game is that it is a universal title, which means that you will be able to install it on your iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod Touch. So lets just not wait for the grass to grow, head to the App Store and grab your share.

This is it for now, folks. Do you like playing puzzle games on your iOS device? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Download The Mesh