Abkoncore Announces The T404B Hurricane CPU Cooler


Abkoncore has announced the T404B Hurricane CPU cooler this cooler features a wide range of features like having two 120 mm HR120 fans, compatibility with both Intel and AMD sockets, and Sync RGB support. The T404B Hurricane CPU cooler is a tower type CPU air cooler which is under Abkoncore's Cool Storm sub-brand, this CPU cooler is priced at 40€.

Abkoncore rolled out the T404B Hurricane CPU cooler, which features two 120 mm HR120 fans, which is configured into a push-pull configuration

The T404B Hurricane used four copper pipes, which make direct contact with the CPU itself; this allows for much more efficient thermal transfer. These copper heat pipes are also painted black to let the aesthetics to be fantastic. The heatsink features optimized brackets. These detachable brackets come with a 120 mm cooling fan, which is more durable and luxurious when compared to the standard clip.

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Source: Abkoncore

The T404B Hurricane's fans are two 120 mm HR120 fans, and this dual fan design allows for much more effective cooling when compared to a single fan CPU cooler. The dual fans are in a push-pull configuration; this allows for much more cooling potential and higher air pressure. These fans also produce less noise, long-lasting life, and ARGB SYNC for outstanding performance and tuning. These fans also feature Anti-Vibration pads, installed on each corner of the fan, and these pads allow this fan to minimize the vibration that is generated during fan operation. These fans also make use of a hydro bearing, and this bearing allows for better performance, friction-free, and durability that other bearings can't provide.

One feature of this heatsink is that this CPU cooler supports PWM function, this function automatically adjusts the fan speed depending on the CPU's temperature. These fans off a broad range of RPM from 800 RPM to 1,800 RPM. This CPU cooler features a noise level of up to 30 dBA, which will keep most systems quiet.

This CPU cooler features support for both AMD and Intel's sockets, supported Intel sockets are LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 and AMD's supported sockets are AM4 / FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ and AM2 sockets.

Abkoncore's T404B Hurricane CPU cooler is currently priced at 40€, and for the large TDP of 170-watts means that this CPU cooler can cool most desktop processors with little to no issue.