A Foldable OnePlus Phone Could be on the Horizon

A Foldable OnePlus Phone Could be on the Horizon

We all know how foldable phones have become the next big thing; everyone from Samsung to Motorola is releasing these phones, and by now, aside from OnePlus, nearly every Android OEM has a good foldable smartphone. However, OnePlus has largely been focusing on the standard candy-bar-styled phones, but it seems like that is about to change soon.

A Foldable OnePlus Phone Could Release Pretty Soon, But Can it Compete

Rumors about a foldable OnePlus started earlier last year, and then Oppo went ahead and released the Find N that took on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. OPPO and OnePlus being so close-knitted, we assumed that we would see something similar from OnePlus as well, but that never happened.

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However, that appears to be changing as Pete Lau has just shared something that looks like the mechanism of a foldable phone.

It is more than safe to say that considering how the company just launched a new phone, it will be some time before we see another OnePlus phone coming out, but I will be more than interested in seeing a foldable phone from OnePlus. It is also worth noting that the rumors around a foldable OnePlus phone have been around for some time now but even based on this image of the folding mechanism, there is very little information to go around.

The foldable market is already dominated by companies like Samsung and Xiaomi, so it will be really nice to see just how OnePlus manages to fair against the competition, especially against Samsung, since they have been at it for much longer than anyone else.

Are you excited about a new Android foldable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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