95% Discount On The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle

The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle

Learn to develop best-selling apps using the world's most popular mobile operating system with The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle. Bringing you a 95% discount, you can now turn yourself into an Android Jedi with Android app development and programming. This is a complete and comprehensive Android learning package that includes over 640 lessons and 83 hours of content. Can't wait to make some money for yourself from the most used mobile OS? Head over to Wccftech Deals and start taking advantage of the incredible opportunities that Android offers.

The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle

Originally priced at $884, you can now save yourself over $850 by getting access to the rich and premium content of this package for just $40. From the basics to building highly-paying projects, here are some of the details of the courses that are offered in The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle. For more details, please visit our deals page.

1- Everything You Need to Know to Build Awesome Android User-Interfacing Apps

The KitKat 4.4 OS for Android is polished, immersive, and packed with a ton of amazing features. Learning KitKat is a great first step for any budding Android coder, and allows devs to build interactive apps for the consumer experience. This course will introduce SQLite, basic animation, the OpenGL-ES 3D library, and more programming essentials needed to code for KitKat 4.4. By the end of this course, there will be very little that can be done to an Android device that you don't know something about.

2- Learn Android Development by Building 10 Projects

Android is the world's most installed mobile platform and Google is investing heavily to build on that distinction. As it extends into wearables, cameras, and many other devices, now is the perfect time to learn how to develop for Android and cash in on this growth phase. In this course, you'll gain the skills you need to begin a lucrative career in Android development by building 10 apps with varying functions.

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3- The Ultimate Android Marshmallow Tutorial

Master Android 6.0 Through This Massive 40 Hour Course

Android Marshmallow represents the latest and greatest technology from the Android platform. Through this massive course you'll learn everything you need to develop the ultimate commercial Android app, from design and social media integration to AQuery library and syncing with Google Maps. Whether you need some help getting an app off the ground or are an experienced programmer mentor looking to keep your skills on the cutting edge, you'll love this course.

4- Advanced Android App Development - From Padawan to Jedi

Become an Android Pro Fast By Building an App from Scratch

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. We're here to tell you that's wrong. By focusing the full course on building a single team-streaming app, you'll get the basics of Android development right through to the advanced design principles that will allow you to fully customize apps. This is the end-to-end comprehensive course that will prepare you to build creative, polished apps on your own.

5- Mastering Android Programming

From Android Programming Basics to Product Release Plans - Learn the Development Process by Living It

Learning how to program for mobile platforms can consist of a lot of monotony. This course, fortunately, will give you comprehensive training in Android app development via a step-by-step, fun methodology that will keep you engaged creating many programs and applications. After this course you should be able to execute any Android project successfully, making you that much more qualified for high-paying development positions.

Original value: $884 | Wccftech Deals: $40 at 95% discount

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