95% Off Cyber Security Hacker and Pen Tester Certification Training

Rafia Shaikh

Bringing you up-to-date content on all the latest technologies, Cyber Security Hacker and Pen Tester Certification prepares you for the best job opportunities in the industry. Following industry standards, you too can now become a cyber security professional with 12 courses over 117 lectures. With a massive 95% discount, save over $750 and get access to rich content for just $39.

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Cyber Security Hacker and Pen Tester Certification Training

In this day and age of hacking and cyber ransom dominating headlines, ethical hacking and penetration testing skills are increasingly in-demand. From threat modeling and cross-site scripting to testing methodologies, this certification bundle will be a nice little notch to add to your resume. And since the classes are accessible 24/7, you can learn whenever it’s convenient. That way, you’ll be landing that promotion or opening up a whole new career path as fast, or as slow, as you want.

  • Master ethical hacking & penetration testing w/ 117 classes
  • Study security code, threat modeling, web-based vulnerabilities, cross-site request forgery, source code fuzzing w/ AFL, cross-site scripting, penetration testing steps & more
  • Gain a top, in-demand skill
  • Access 20+ hours of content
  • Learn via video, quiz, exercise files, assessments & discussion
  • Watch courses & learn at your pace
  • Work courses into your own schedule w/ online classes

Instructor details:

CyberTraining 365 is the best training destination for you and your team. Here you can Master Cyber Security techniques such as Analyzing Malware, Penetration Testing, Advanced Persistent Threats, Threat Intelligence Research, Reverse Engineering, and much more.

Original price: $799 | Wccftech Deals offer at 95% discount: $39

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