8 Things Your Apple Watch Can Do Without An iPhone

Apple Watch is the hottest topic in the tech world just now, and with an impressive list of features and functions in its armory, many are tipping it to emulate the success of the iPhone in the long-term. Apple has long made it known that owning an iPhone is a prerequisite to using the smartwatch, but given the prices the company is charging for this coveted wearable, is it not able to think for itself? Here, we look at eight different things your Apple Watch can do without needing to consult its master.

Opening Doors

The idea of opening a locked door using a watch is something that many associate with James Bond, and while such a feature was once preserved for secret agents in movies, Apple Watch brings it to reality.

It's very useful that, even without a connection to iPhone, Apple Watch can still harness its Bluetooth LE-based powers to open doors, and shows that even though the handset will be the brains behind most of the operation, the wearable can still think for itself.

Paying For Goods With Apple Pay

Where NFC makes the lives of professional door openers just that little bit easier, it also plays a central role in peddling Apple Pay. Launched alongside iOS 8, it has enjoyed a fairly rapid rise to prominence, boosting the market for contactless transactions, and you'll be pleased to know that once you've set Apple Pay up -- you will need an iPhone for this bit, mind -- you can use it to pay for goods even if your phone is not present.

It's worth adding, though, that once your Watch is removed from your wrist, you will need to enter your Passcode before Apple Pay can be use, so provided nobody has discovered your secret digits, a would-be thief won't be able to clean you out.

Using Tickets And Vouchers With Passbook

Passbook, while not as ubiquitous as Apple might have hoped when it emerges with iOS 6, serves as a great way for users to store and use their boarding passes, vouchers, and other such wallet-fodder.


Since Passbook is baked into Apple Watch at stock level, you'll be able to check into a flight or use your Starbucks credit without having to fish your iPhone from your back pocket.

Remotely Controlling Your Apple TV

Apple Remote support on Apple Watch means that you can control your Apple TV from the comfort of the wearable. Since the physical Apple TV remote is an abject example of what happens when minimalism is taken too far, you'll probably want to make the most of this support, and as you needn't even reach for your iPhone, it's the ultimate tool for the lazy individual.

Listening To Music

Besides having its own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Apple Watch also includes in-built storage, some of which can be used for music. With around 2GB of free space, it's not got enough real estate to store as many albums or songs as your 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, for example, but nevertheless, it's better than a kick in the teeth.

Besides, when, for example, you're going for a run, you can use that aforementioned Bluetooth connectivity to beam your favorite tunes to your ears without having the added bulk of carrying a standalone music player.

Tracking Fitness

Speaking of going for a jog, Apple Watch will also monitor your fitness while running or performing an similar activity, and thankfully, it doesn't need an iPhone to do so.

Using It As A Watch

Basic utilities like the stopwatch and timer can be accessed without an iPhone. The alarm is also covered, which is particularly ideal if you want to use your Apple Watch as a nightstand.

Flaunting It As Wrist Candy

There's no denying it -- the Apple Watch is most definitely a looker, and while, without your iPhone, it doesn't offer as many practical advantages as when it's working in tandem with your beloved handset, it still does look the part.


Plus, as aforementioned, you can use it as a standard watch, and since many seem besotted with the device based on aesthetics alone, we'd hazard that plenty of prospective Apple Watch owners may be considering the purchase without worrying too much about the bells and whistles of Apple Pay, HealthKit et al.

As you can see, the Apple Watch can do quite a lot without its partner-in-crime, although if you do want to utilize your device to its true potential, keeping your iPhone within proximity is certainly advised.

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