Get 50 Percent Off PlayStation 4 Pro By Trading in Your Standard PlayStation 4 at GAME


Thinking of discarding your current standard PlayStation 4 console in favor of the upcoming more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro system? GAME has got you covered. The British video games retailer has come up with a trade-in deal; players who are willing to make some trades will be able to get their hands on a spanking new 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro console right after its launch by paying only half of the standard retail price. Since it is a trade-in deal, those planning to go for it will have to complete the transaction in store.

So, what exactly will you be trading? Well, the first thing that you will be giving up is, of course, your standard PlayStation 4 console. The ‘terms and conditions’ on the retailer’s website say it will need to be a 500GB unit (B Grade in condition or above), but we think 1TB models would be acceptable as well. Second, you will have to say goodbye to 5 of your PlayStation 4 game discs as well. These can be any titles except FIFA 14 and FIFA 15, which the retailer has said it won’t accept. Lastly, a GAME reward account is also required to complete the deal, but worry not; reward accounts are free and easy to create.

As mentioned above, by trading in all these items at a GAME store, you will be eligible for 50 percent discount on the standard retail price of PlayStation 4 Pro, but before that, the staff will assess the condition of your standard console and see if it is acceptable. The upcoming supercharged Sony console costs £349.99 at GAME, this means you will only have to pay £174.99 in cash. Note that the deal runs through the first week of PlayStation 4 Pro’s launch i.e. from November 10 through to November 16. If you decide to go with the trade-in, you will have to put down a £20 deposit.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro releases November 10, 2016. The upcoming machine packs upgraded hardware, with faster CPU and GPU. This allows it to deliver a better overall performance and enhanced gaming experience than the standard PlayStation 4 console. Players will be able to experiences games in 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR), provided they have a display that supports both. The new console will play all PlayStation 4 games.