5 Great iOS Apps and Games Gone Free for a Limited Time

After our last round of limited-time App Store freebies, we're back with another handful of lovingly-picked apps and games for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The five iOS apps below, which usually cost money, are free of charge temporarily, so if you're looking to score some great new content this weekend, we've got you covered!

iOS Apps and Games Gone Free for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Dusk - an atmospheric memory game (usual price: $0.99)

Puzzle games have really flourished on modern mobile devices, and Dusk offers yet more simple-but-tricky fare. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to find and memorize routes that temporarily glow at the beginning of each level. It sounds incredibly easy, but it quickly becomes difficult, and even if you have a stellar memory, you may struggle with Dusk as you meander through the levels.

The visuals are extremely clean and minimal, which is always a plus point, and while it's worth picking up at its usual 99-cent price point anyway, it always tastes better when it's free..

Download (Universal)

Carmageddon (usual price: $0.99)

This rampage classic has found a welcome home on iOS. Often, remakes don't live up to the original experience, but while this violent driving title garnered a strong fan-base following its original release on PC back in 1997, it can boast a wider army of followers since reaching the App Store and Google Play.



For now, Carmageddon can be had completely free of charge, but this offer will not last forever, so act quickly!

Download (Universal)

NodeBeat and NodeBeat HD (usual price: $1.99 | $2.99)

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this great music-maker are free for a limited time. It features a unique, intuitive UI that lets you create ambient sounds like a pro, and if you've always wanted to make your own tunes but never knew where to start, here's as good an opportunity as any.

Download iPhone | iPad

Hack RUN (usual price: $2.99)

Hack RUN is a game quite unlike anything we've seen before. Using 'old school' command prompts such as DOS or UNIX, you must use your hacking skills to infiltrate the systems of certain organizations, in order to uncover their secrets.

It's all a bit of fun, so there's no real hacking carried out, per se, but if you're tired of the mundane and would like a new challenge as far as iOS games are concerned, this one's for you.

Download (Universal)

ScenePast (usual price: $1.99)

Finally, ScenePast lets you revisit iconic locations from your favorite movies, to see what they look like today. You can also check these scenes from various points in the past,  and even if you're not a hardcore movie buff, this is an app definitely worth taking a look at.

Download (iPhone)

We hope you managed to find something useful / entertaining within this list, and we'll be back with more App Store freebies very, very soon!

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