Alleged Chassis Of 3rd Generation Moto X Shows Fingerprint Sensor On Rear

Ramish Zafar

We've been hearing quite a lot about the third generation Moto X over the last couple of days. The device is expected to come with the Snapdragon 808 on board, given the 810's notorious overheating issues. It is also expected to get 4 GB of RAM on board, coupled with a QHD display and a 5.8 inch AMOLED display panel. While these leaks do give us important specifications about the device, pictorial evidence is always better to have, and we have just that for you today.

Alleged Chassis Of Third Generation Moto X Leaks - Device To Come With Fingerprint Sensor

Chinese site MyDrivers is back today, and this time we get to see some alleged pictures of what is claimed to be the leaked chassis for the third generation Moto X. As you can see in the picture above, the device appears to be similar to what we've come to expect from Motorola over the last couple of years. Rounded edges and overall form shape follow Motorola devices as well. But what's more interesting here today is that if you look closely at the image above and below, you'll see what appears to be the slot for a fingerprint sensor.

While several components are missing from this alleged chassis of the Moto X, the most striking is the fingerprint sensor. If true, this most likely means that Motorola's device will also be coming with a fingerprint sensor on its rear. While the merits of having biometric recognition on a device's rear vs the front can be debated, Motorola will finally be joining the list of manufacturers shipping devices with this increasing trend. The 3rd Generation Moto X is shaping up to be quite an interesting device indeed. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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