3D Realms Anthology Brings 32 Games to Steam Next Week


Alright everyone, grease those wallets up, the 3D Realms anthology is making it's way to steam next week and will have 32 of their finest games included. All for a paltry $40. Or $30 if you take the plunge on launch day.

3D Realms is bringing its anthology to Steam starting next week for $40.

Just yesterday 3D Realms teased us with a tweet that clearly shows us 32 games from their library on Steam bundled in their very own anthology. This is great news because it includes Terminal Velocity and Paganitzu, games included exclusivily in the bundle and otherwise not available in the store. Xenophage, Dark Ages and Balls of Steel have also made an appearance.

Thankfully all of the games have been updated for compatibility and will even have Xbox controller support added, so you won't have to find an old joystick lying around.

Unfortunately we won't see the original Max Payne or Prey making an appearance even though they were initially the property of 3D Realms. Although Frederik Schreiber, the 3D Realms director, did mention that if enough are sold he promises to buy back those two IP's and offer them up to loyal customers.

This is all on it's way for next week, so ready up those wallets and enjoy the discounted price of $30 of the entire anthology of 32 games. I know that I'm a sucker for retro games, and great retro games at that.

-PC Gamer caught this one first, thank you!