$370K Worth Of iPhone X Units Stolen Directly Off A UPS Truck At Apple Store


Customers are greeting the iPhone X in the form of huge lines at Apple Store across the world. While the loyal customers prefer to wait in queues for their turns to get their hands on the device, others just want it forcefully. According to reports from CNET and the local media, three men stole over 300 iPhone X units which were worth $370K. Reportedly, the three ''husky men in hoodies'' stole a great many iPhone X units right off a UPS truck at the San Francisco Apple Store. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

313 Units Of The iPhone X Stolen Right Off A UPS Truck At San Francisco Apple Store

The iPhone X hit the shelves today and customers around the world have been queuing for the device outside of Apple Stores. The report details that the three men were driving a white Dodge van when they robbed the UPS truck that was in a state of rest outside of the Apple Store. To be exact, the UPS truck was delivering 313 iPhone X units to the retail outlet.

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To our surprise, the men took each and every one of the iPhone X units on the truck, leaving none behind. Henceforth, we can speculate that the thieves were not just another person who wanted to get their hands on the device, but people who would have sold them for greater returns. The report further suggested that the UPS truck driver locked the doors after parking. However, a janitor took note of it the theft and managed to take a picture of the scene.

According to estimates from the San Francisco police, the total value of the stolen iPhone X units was $370,000. At this point in time, the suspects have not been caught.

The total value of the stolen merchandise was estimated to be more than $370,000. The iPhone X, which becomes available in stores Friday, starts at $999 apiece. The suspects haven’t yet been caught.

Each phone was cataloged with a description and serial number, which meant the police report was one of the “fattest” Sgt. Paul Weggenmann had ever seen, he said.

CNET notes a ''person familiar with the matter'' and states that the customers in San Francisco, who pre-ordered the iPhone X and scheduled for pick up, will get their share of the device on time. However, at this point, it is unknown whether the walk-in customers will get a device. We will update you guys as soon as we here more details on the matter.

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