Updated: 3 Months PS Plus For $ 10 In Unlimited Quantity


Updated November 29: It seems Amazon is no long offering this deal.

Those who are looking for a subscription to PS Plus can go crazy with the amazing Amazon deal. The online retailer is offering a 3 month PS Plus membership for just $ 10.00.

Normally the subscription will cost you $ 17.99, so purchasers of the membership will save 44%. There's no quantity limit on the deal, so I suggest grabbing a few of these codes to secure a cheap PS Plus member for a longer period of time.

The PS Plus membership gives access to online multiplayer on the PS4, alongside free monthly PlayStation games to play.

  • Access to Online Multiplayer on PS4
  • Get Free PS4 Games to Play
  • Exclusive PlayStation Store Sales and Discounts
  • Store Game Saves Online: Now PS Plus Members Get 10x the Online Game Save Storage for PS4
  • Enables Shareplay Feature: Invite Friends to Join You in Your Favorite PS4 Games - Even If They Don't Own the Game
  • New Games every month with Instant Game Collection.
  • Next-generation online multiplayer on the PS4 system.
  • One membership will extend to your PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems.

Sony's PS Plus service was launched back in 2010 for the PS3 as a premium online service for Sony's console. Back in 2013, Sony announced that online multiplayer will require a subscription to the service. Membership grants access to an instant game collection, which remains available as long a subscription is to PS Plus is active.