Just Cause 3’s Main Philosophy is to “Beautify” the World Through Destruction

In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine, Avalanche Studios' senior technical designer Anders Bodbacka explains how current-gen has given the studio the tools to create a new playground of destruction.

Anders explains the studios' goals:

We wanted destruction to be more physics-driven and more like a fun toybox that can be used as part of the gameplay. More than looking pretty and going boom, if you tether things correctly you can use them defensively or create cascading destruction – destroying an entire base just by pulling one tether. That wasn’t possible before, but improvements in technology let you do this stuff.

He continues on the placement of objects around the environment.

The good thing about using the Havok physics is not scripting events – by just placing things in a general area, you create something unique. If you know a barrel causes so much damage you can think, ‘I need to place the barrel approximately here and it will affect this or that object.’ But you still have the option to tether a barrel to a helicopter to destroy it, or you tether it to the helicopter, take over that helicopter and fly them both into a base. Not designing is part of designing.

Anders closes by explaining the level of destructibility and how it beautifies the world of Just Cause 3.

 The main philosophy behind the game is to beautify the world through destruction, so everything built by the government is destructible – so by destroying those things, you make the world more beautiful. We wanted a beautiful world that’s worthy of destruction – you want to free this world. In order to do that we have populated towns that feel like they are alive so there’s something to care about and fight for. These people are oppressed and you can feel it when you are nearby – liberate an area and suddenly everyone is out drinking in the street. It’s a totally different environment.

Pre-ordering Just Cause 3 will grant you exclusive bonus content and a 10% price reduction

The Weaponized Vehicle Pack includes 3 x exclusive vehicles primed for action:

  • Knife through the Medician waves in the Mugello Delphino GLF speedboat with the finest brushed Italian leather seats and subtle dual miniguns.
  • Taking its name from the Russian wolverine, exude adventure with the all-terrain Urga Pocomaxa X4 buggy, especially when that adventure requires mounted machine guns.
  • For the more refined combat professional, drive the Kerner Serpente R12 sports car with precision rocket launchers elegantly engineered right into the hood.


Stop enemies in their tracks with the long-range negotiating power of the Final Argument Sniper Rifle, equipped with explosive rounds.

You can view some of Just Cause 3 features below:

Explore – Find yourself in a Mediterranean island paradise with complete vertical freedom –skydive, BASE jump and free dive in an open world with virtually zero limits.

Wingsuit – Glide through the air and swoop across mountains with your Wingsuit giving a new way to rain death from above.

Creative Chaos – Use your grapple hook and parachute to scale buildings, hijack vehicles, move quickly or tether objects together for creative new ways to cause chaos.

Link It Up – Cause massive chains of destruction in military bases, harbours, prisons, police stations and communications facilities to bring down a dictator.

One Man Army – Arm yourself with a wide range of explosive weaponry from shotguns and missile launchers to tank-busters and air-strikes.

The World is Your Playground – Choose from a huge variety of different vehicles to drive including speedboats, jets, helicopters, turbo-fuelled sports cars and super bikes.

Tons to Do – Get adventurous with dozens of challenge missions and collectibles to discover.

Never Alone – Online community features.

Just Cause 3 will release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1. We will bring you any new information on Just Cause 3 as soon as it becomes available.

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