Want The Most Decked-Out 2023 MacBook Pro With The M2 Max Upgrade? Here Is How Much It Will Cost You

Omar Sohail
2023 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has officially announced its 2023 MacBook Pro lineup, with the 14-inch version starting from $1,999 in the U.S. and the 16-inch one selling for $2,499. However, the company might not have told you how much the rest of the unified RAM, storage, and M2 Max upgrades will cost. All of us know that Macs are expensive, so let us see the kind of money you have to spend to own the absolute best from Apple.

The grand total for the fully upgraded 16-inch MacBook Pro comes out to be the cost of nearly seven iPhone 14 Pro models with 128GB storage

If you visit Apple’s configuration of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, you will notice that the base model features the M2 Pro, which itself sports a 12-core CPU (eight performance cores and four energy-efficient cores). While there is little differentiation in the CPU core count if you compare the M2 Pro and M2 Max, the price goes up if you decide that you need more GPU cores for graphically intensive work.

For instance, the base M2 Pro only comes with 19 GPU cores, and if you want that M2 Max upgrade, it will cost you an additional $700. Next comes the unified RAM option, though 32GB will be sufficient for the majority of MacBook Pro users, and if you want to have an opportunity to open a barrage of demanding programs, selecting the 96GB RAM option will set you back by $1,200 if you are upgrading from the base M2 Pro MacBook Pro.

The insane cost of paying for a fully upgraded 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 Max SoC

However, nothing can prepare you for the amount that you have to fork over if you plan on upgrading to a mammoth 8TB of blazing-fast SSD storage. That switch will cost you $2,400, which is just $99 away from the price of a brand new 16-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro; talk about overkill. Overall, with the included software of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, the grand total arrives at $6,998.98, which is the cost of seven iPhone 14 Pro models in their 128GB storage variants.

So after reading about the price of the fully upgraded 16-inch MacBook Pro, which configuration do you wish to pick up this year?

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