2023 MacBook Air With 15-inch Display Might Ship With a Different Name, Mass Production Expected in Fourth Quarter of Next Year

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2023 MacBook Air With 15-inch Display Might Ship With a Different Name, Mass Production Expected in Fourth Quarter

Apple’s rumored 15-inch 2023 MacBook Air is getting some traction, with another analyst providing some noteworthy predictions, with the most important one being that it might not ship with the ‘Air’ moniker.

Mass Production Could Be Delayed if Things Do Not Go According to Plan

As Apple begins to explore a new form factor for the MacBook Air, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the 15-inch model may be called something else entirely. It is unknown if this is what the supply chain has informed him or if it is something he concocted on the fly. In any case, it would be helpful for customers to differentiate between the regular 13.3-inch MacBook Air and the larger one if varying names were used.

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Previously, analyst Ross Young had not commented on the 15-inch MacBook Air’s mass production timeline. Thankfully, Kuo predicts that if everything goes according to plan, Apple could start mass production in the fourth quarter, with the portable Mac being available to customers shortly after. He also states that the 15-inch display will likely consume more power than the 13.3-inch panel but believes that Apple’s desired goal is to ship the bigger variant with the same 30W power adapter.

Even though the 15-inch display could possibly consume more power, since the MacBook Air’s overall footprint will be larger, Apple can offset the panel’s high power consumption rating with a bigger battery. A higher capacity cell coupled with the energy efficiency of the Apple Silicon will possibly ensure that future customers enjoy an all-day battery life.

Pricing was not mentioned in Kuo’s tweets, but a 15-inch MacBook Air will use a bigger display, more build materials, larger battery, and more, so expect it to be priced higher than the 13.3-inch version, assuming Apple does not discontinue it. Kuo’s reputation is legendary when it comes to Apple’s products and their launch timelines, but we will still advise our readers to treat all this information with a pinch of salt, for now.

News Source: Ming-Chi Kuo

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