2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle Is Up For An Amazing Discount Offer For A Few Days – Avail Now

2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle

If you are looking for ways to progress your robotics, electronics, and programming skills, then we have something for you right here. Wccftech is offering a massive discount offer on the 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle. The offer will expire in a few days, so avail it right away.

2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle Features

With 43 hours of content on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, you will be able to master the skills you once feared. Here are highlights of what the 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle has in store for you:

ROS2 for Beginners
Master the Key ROS Concepts to Create Powerful & Scalable Robot Applications

  •  Access 100 lectures & 10 hours of content 24/7
  •  Master ROS basics
  •  Create, build, run, & debug your ROS program
  •  Learn ROS best practices to make your application readable & scalable
  •  Create reusable code for any robot powered by ROS
  •  Write ROS code with both Python and C++

Learn ROS2 as a ROS1 Developer & Migrate Your ROS Projects
Create Complete ROS2 Applications & Migrate a ROS1 CodeBase in ROS2

  •  Access 49 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  •  Learn the most important differences between ROS1 & ROS2
  •  Install & setup ROS2 on Ubuntu
  •  Write complete applications with ROS2
  •  Communicate between ROS1 & ROS2 using the ros1_bridge package
  •  Migrate a ROS1 project to ROS2
  •  Practice with a complete migration project

Raspberry Pi For Beginners: Complete Course
Build Amazing Projects with Raspberry Pi 4 Using Python 3, GPIOs, Flask & More

  •  Access 95 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  •  Master your Raspberry Pi, starting from scratch
  •  Build a complete surveillance & alarm project with Raspberry Pi
  •  Learn Python 3 from zero
  •  Use the Raspberry Pi's GPIOs to control hardware components
  •  Create a web server on your Raspberry Pi

Arduino for Beginners: Complete Course
Master Arduino Starting from Zero — Learn with Hands-On Activities & Many Arduino Projects

  •  Access 148 lectures & 14 hours of content 24/7
  •  Master your Arduino, starting from scratch
  •  Become confident to create your own Arduino projects
  •  Create an interactive obstacle detection application
  •  Build your own Arduino circuit with many hardware components
  •  Program the Arduino with C/C++
  •  Create an online simulation of the course project
  •  Learn through hands-on lessons
  •  Practice a lot with 20 activities & a big final project

Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
Learn How to Use OOP with Arduino Through a Step-by-Step Project

  •  Access 42 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  •  Master Arduino OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  •  Write a class for any Arduino component or functionality you want
  •  Package a class as an easy-to-use Arduino library
  •  Make your code easier to read & scalable
  •  Create clear interfaces for other developers to use
  •  Use a class inside another class
  •  Combine classes to exponentially increase the possibilities of your programs without writing more code
  •  Learn naming conventions for Arduino OOP code
  •  Clearly organize your code in different files
  •  Learn the best practices from the start

Original Price 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle: $995
Wccftech Discount Price 2021 Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bootcamp Bundle: $19.99

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