2021 MacBook Pro Estimated Pre-Order Shipping Dates Fall to Late November, December

Omar Sohail
2021 MacBook Pro Estimated Pre-Order Dates Fall to Late November

Either it is the exceptionally high demand or other factors that have caused estimated pre-order times for the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup to fall to late November and December. It is understandable that customers will want the very best Apple has to offer from its portable Mac family, but by the looks of it, you will have to exercise a ton of patience right now to get your hands on one.

Some Custom-Configured 2021 MacBook Pro Models’ Shipping Times Have Fallen to Mid-December

Standard configurations of the 14.2-inch and 16.2-inch MacBook Pro have shipping times that have fallen between November 16 and November 23. Unfortunately, that is not even the worst news because a lot of people will want more RAM, hefty amounts of storage, and a faster chip, so they will start to configure the portable Macs by themselves. What do the pre-order shipping times look like now?

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Even worse than before. Regardless if you configure the 14.2-inch or the 16.2-inch MacBook Pro, you will notice that shipping times have slipped further, falling in between December 2 and December 9. Again that is still positive news because there will be customers that want to deck out their 2021 MacBook Pro to the maximum supported hardware and they are ready to pay for it too. After all, it has been five years since Apple introduced a boatload of changes to its pro-focused MacBook lineup, so that is a lot of time to have saved up a ton of cash.

Unfortunately, higher-end configurations of the 2021 MacBook Pro have shipping times of December 9 and December 16, meaning you will have to wait nearly two whole months to get your hands on these upgraded machines. No reasoning has been given for this delay, though our gut tells us that the ongoing chip shortage is responsible for this mess.

Also, the 2021 MacBook Pro is the first from Apple to feature a 120Hz mini-LED screen, so the technology giant’s supply chain might be facing difficulties producing these panels in higher quantities. Then again, it could be that there is exceptionally high demand for the latest models, and even an entity like Apple is unable to keep pace with this momentum.

What do you think is the reason for shipping times slipping this far? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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