2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle Is Up For A Massive Discount Offer For A Few Hours

2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle

Are you trying to become a digital artist? Are you trying to look for courses and instructors to help you become the best? Well, look no further because I have the perfect deal for you right here. Wccftech is offering a limited-time discount offer on the 2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle. The offer will expire in a few hours, so avail it right away.

2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle Features

The bundle is massive and contains 7 courses. With the help of these courses,, you will create characters, drawings, paintings, and much more. Here are highlights of what the 2021 Complete Character Art Academy Drawing Bundle has in store for you:

  • Character Art Academy: Complete Character Drawing Course
    The Best Way to Learn to Draw Professional Characters for Animation, Games, Comics, Manga, & More
  • Character Art Academy: Complete Coloring & Painting Course
    Know All the Core Theory, Workflows, & Practical Application for Professional-Level Character Coloring & Painting
  • Manga Art Academy: Anime & Manga Character Drawing Course
    Draw Stylized Characters for Manga or Anime Including Genres Such as Shoujo, Shounin, Bishoujo, & More
  • Perspective Art Academy: Complete Environment Drawing Course
    Create Worlds & Draw Landscapes, Perspective, Backgrounds, and Scenes
  • Anatomy Art Academy: Complete Skeletal Drawing Course
    Learn to Draw the Anatomy of the Skeleton for Character Art, Games, Animation, Manga & Comics
  • Procreate Master Academy: How to Draw & Paint on Your iPad
    The Top Course on How to Draw & Paint on iPad with Procreate and Apple Pencil
  • Character Art Academy: Coloring with Copic Markers Course
    A Character Coloring Course on How to Color with Copic Markers Professionally for Manga, Comics, Art & More

The courses are taught by Scott Harris. He is an illustrator, painter, and art instructor. He has taught around 300,000 students from all around and has helped them develop art skills. He loves teaching and ensures that his students enjoy the learning process.

Original Price 2021 Art bundle: $1,400
Wccftech Discount Price: $20

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