Get 20 Stellar Quad HD Low-Poly Wallpapers For Android, iOS and Windows Devices


If you’re a heavy gamer, you might have come across polygons of various sizes in the graphics. You might as well know that they are the cells that build up the entire visuals of computer graphics as well as the triangles involved to attain those graphics. I know some of you die hard gamers have known the blocky visuals since the early games, that’s because graphic cards then could not portray or process the pixels. Such experiences were common in adventure and shooter games like Black Hawk Down which appeared to have quite a glitch. However, its almost over with the lags unless you're using traditional tools to play these games. But what we have here are some of the best wallpapers that will surly took you aback.

Who knew these graphic malfunctions could be incarnated to confining skeptical landscapes which are obviously drenched in thoughtful and uncompromisingly insightful feels. What I mean to say is this polygon artistic imagery has come to be known as low-poly art, the term generally deriving from polygons. What you will find in these images are hundreds of polygons combined together to create the most artistic images which are quite soulful and admirable. Such type of artistic imagery is popular worldwide and used on a mass scale like advertising agencies and app development etc. Now, it is time for them to make it to your smartphone.

So what we have done for you here, is collected the most heart throbbing Quad HD, pixelating to a mere 1440 by 2560, images in 3D and low-poly art format for your smartphone. The reason these wallpapers made it to the list is in consideration of the displays of your smartphones and other devices. I tried them for myself and they gave me positive results, you should too!

Take a look at the 20 Quad HD resolution wallpaper provided below, do give them a whirl and you will have the idea of what we are talking about. Let us know how you feel about them in the comments and do not forget to share it with your friends because ‘’art left unshared, is wasted’’