We are Hiring! Looking for PC Hardware Enthusiasts and Youtube Hosts


Wccftech is currently expanding its writer base and is specially interested in hiring people with an interest in computer hardware and trends. Please note, that we are looking for authors and Youtube personalities situated in the North American region.

Computer Hardware Reviewer

We are looking for a PC hardware tester, given the fact that our audience is extremely technology savvy, we need writers with an extensive knowledge of hardware and the ability to judge hardware for its pros and cons, without depending on fanboy rhetoric. It is extremely important for you to understand that you will not be covering general news items, but will be commenting on real hardware technology trends, making comparisons and drawing your own conclusions. You will need to know what you are talking about.


  • Be able to adhere to an established testing methodology.
  • Be able to compare and test products on basis of merit.
  • A pre-existing test bench will be preferred but is not required.
  • NA shipping address to receive products to review.

Youtube Host

We are also looking for an amicable Youtube host willing to work for us and cover HW/Gaming/General news and trends on a regular basis. Requirements for this post are flexible but the core necessities are as follows:


  • Be able to take initiative in scripting and production.
  • Should own his/her own recording equipment.
  • HW/Gaming knowledge is preferred but not required.


Apply Here:

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