This Small Piece Of Paper Can Store 1 Farads of Electricity!


Scientists are always working on new stuff and they always seem to astound us, one such feat was accomplished by Swedish scientists who had been working on a special kind of paper that can store electricity for a long time now. They’ve finally made something which they call ‘power paper’; the power paper is a thin paper like material which has got an incredible energy storing capacity.

The power paper is remarkable, just one sheet of the material which measures 15 centimeters in diameter and is less than 0.5 millimeter thick can store up to 1 farad of electrical capacitance. This is a big deal because that amount is about the same as many supercapacitors store and we all know how important they are in everyday devices.

This material is made mainly from the nanocellulose and a conductive polymer. This material can be used and reused by recharging and will last up to hundreds of charging cycles. The best feature it has is that it can be charged again in a matter of only a few seconds.

"Thin films that function as capacitors have existed for some time," said Xavier Crispin, a researcher from Linköping University's Laboratory of Organic Electronics. "What we have done is to produce the material in three dimensions. We can produce thick sheets."

The power paper is like a black paper with a plastic type feeling when touched. Also, it has got many qualities similar to what normal paper has including strength which can be realized by looking at its ability to get folded into various origami shapes. These sheets are basically formed by breaking down cellulose fibers through high pressure water. The water contained electrically charged polymers which then form a thin layer of coating over the fibers, dismantling the cellulose layers.

"The covered fibres are in tangles, where the liquid in the spaces between them functions as an electrolyte," said one of the team, Jesper Edberg. The full process is described in Advanced Science.

This material is highly conductive in nature as per the report which makes it something of significance relating how we can store charge in small devices of daily use.  This power paper is much friendlier because it contains renewable source such as cellulose and polymer. Most other conductors that we use right now contain toxic chemicals which are harmful in large amounts.

The power paper is also lighter and is waterproof to boot making it the best alternative till date. Now it only needs to be manufactured at an industrial level, which can be a little challenging. Let’s hope this makes it out in good time and we see better renewable resources being used more efficiently.