12 Minutes of Jurassic Park: The Game footage

Apr 14, 2011

Telltale games announced Jurassic Park: The Game sometime ago but now they have shown ~10 minutes of ingame footage, while my expectations were for a better engine or something similar Telltale is using the old engine used by their recent games.

The game is pretty linear if you watch the whole video you will see some really interesting parts such as death is now part of a Telltale game which is cool but I would like it if they made it more like Heavy Rain i.e death of a character can affect the ending no? wouldn't that make this game much better rather than being a linear story line? Maybe Telltale will have a change of heart and put in this idea, I mean aside from the story Heavy Rain was praised for it's interactivity and the choices you can make, the only other game which I can think of which is on par with Heavy Rain is Indigo Prophecy a game released in the early 2000's but one of the best games ever released.

I like how they are going to end the story of Jurassic Park, I have always wondered what became of the shaving cream carrying the embryo's and this game will definitely answer that question and many more, although right now it may not look like it I am expecting a lot from Telltale, these guys were able to get me addicted to Point and Click adventure games so I trust what they are doing 🙂