PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 Leaked – Announcement Coming at E3 2014

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Electronic Entertainment Expo is only a few hours away but leaks and rumors have still not spared the games that are being revealed at the show. Sony is expected to make a blast during E3 at its press conference by revealing some very exciting PlayStation 4 exclusive video game titles, and it looks like this leak just uncovered one of it.

PlayStation All-Stars

PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 Leaked – Expected to be Revealed At E3 2014

PlayStation All-Stars video games are considered to be Sony’s version of Nintendo’s famous and most critically acclaimed Super Smash Bros. series. The first apparent game in the series called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita handheld consoles. The game was partly developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio, and was released late in 2012.

Moving on to newer games, Sony ended support for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale last year, but it was rumored that Sony is working on the next game in the series that will be released on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 by the name of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2. Now a leak that emerged on Twitter shows that the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars game is allegedly called PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 and it will be revealed at E3 2014. Below is the leaked GIF and screenshot of the game.

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PlayStation All Starsss PlayStation All Stars

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