Colorful GeForce GTX 670 Unveiled – GK104 Kepler on a Shorter PCB

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May 3, 2012
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Another GeForce GTX 670 graphics card has been exposed, this time from GPU manufacturer Colorful. The card features the same GK104 chip which was used on the flagship GTX 680 except that one of its SMX unit is disabled which reduces the total number of cuda cores, also the card is so trimmed down that it has been equipped on a PCB which matches the length of the GTS 450 GPU.

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Previously, MSI’s GTX 680 was leaked but it was only pictured from the top so we couldn’t exactly calculate the exact length of the PCB. The colorful 670 has been pictured from the back which shows that the PCB is extremely short compared to the 680 and the cooler shroud is extended to make it look like a bigger card.

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However, Most of the features are still there such as the 2 SLI Goldfingers, Reference Display Outputs (2 DVI, 1 HDMI, 1 Display Port) a 4+1 Phase VRM design and 2GB (256-bit wide) memory interface, One thing we spotted is that there are 4 Memory chips located at the back of the PCB while 4 are located at the front. This means that there’s room for additional 8 memory chips so we can see 4GB reference or custom models in the future or at launch by different vendors.

The card still requires two 6 Pin connectors and has a TDP above 170W. The VRM is located near the exhaust port. Launching on May 7th, The card would be priced at an MSRP of $399. More details in the coming days.

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