AMD Trinity A10-5800K APU Tested

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AMD’s Trinity based A10-5800K APU (ES) has been tested by Chinese site, The upcoming Trinity Accelerated Processing Units house upto four piledriver cores which feature the enhanced x86 Architecture.

The A10-5800K would be the flagship part of the Trinity Lineup featuring a Quad Core Design clocked at 3.8GHz Stock and 4.2GHz Turbo Core 2.0 Frequency. The APU also features a 4Mb L3 Cache, HD7660D graphics solution and a rated TDP of 100W.

The APU was tested in Super Pi and 3D Mark 06 Benchmarks and was compared to the Llano based A8-3850, Results are listed below:

Super Pi 1M Calculations:

  • A10-5800K: 23.775 Sec
  • A8-3850: 26.039 Sec

3DMark 06 CPU Score:

  • A10-5800K: 4304 Marks
  • A8-3850: 3814 Marks

3DMark 06 GPU Score:

  • A10-5800K: 3285 SM 2.0/ 4067 SM 3.0
  • A8-3850: 2139 SM 2.0/ 2552 SM 3.0

The new Southern Island chips in the upcoming Trinity APU’s sure have pushed the IGP Performance ahead however the CPU performance remains a bit disappointing, There’s still some time left in the APU’s launch so we can expect AMD to further enhance their piledriver architecture. Trinity APU’s officially launch in Q2 2012 as revealed by the following slides:

AMD 2012 Roadmap Shows FX-Vishera, Trinity A10 and Brazos 2.0 Processors

AMD 2012-2013 Client Roadmap details Trinity APU, Vishera FX Processors and Sea Island DX11.1 GPU’s

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