AMD Opteron Processors based on Piledriver Architecture Detailed – Unveiling in November at SC12 conference

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AMD’s upcoming Piledriver based Opteron processors have been detailed which would be aimed towards the enterprise and workstation platforms. 

AMD Piledriver Opteron Processors (6300 Series):

AMD’s Opteron processors based on the Piledriver architecture would be branded as the Opteron 4300 and Opteron 6300 series. The Opteron 6300 series lineup has a total of 9 CPUs which have been detailed featuring 4 to 16 Cores. The TDP on the several chips ranges from 85W/115W/140W. Due to higher core count and to keep thermal specs under limit, the 16 core chips are limited to lower frequencies of 1.8 GHz for the 85W part and 2.3-2.5 GHz for the 115W parts. The fastest 140W Opteron 6386 SE processor would run at 2.8 GHz with each processor having a 16 MB L3 Cache.

The Four core Opteron 6308 is the fastest clocked chip running at 3.5 GHz while having a TDP of 115W whereas the eight core and twelve core chips with 115W TDP run at frequencies ranging from 2.6 – 3.2 GHz. The launch of Opteron processors would most likely be held during the AMD SC12 conference at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah from November 12-15. AMD is also said to detail its latest FirePro Series graphics card based on the new 28nm Graphics Core Next GPU.

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