Zadak Introduces the SPARK AIO 240MM ARGB CPU Cooler


Zadak enters into the consumer cooling market with the launch of the Spark AIO 240 mm Liquid CPU cooler. This cooler offers some fantastic features that include optimal silent cooling while still having fantastic ARGB effects on both the CPU block and the two included fans. This CPU cooler has been designed with PC modders and PC enthusiasts in mind, and this is done by the CPU cooler offering quiet operation, and no-fuss installation.

Zadak's Spark AIO CPU cooler features fantastic ARGB lighting and is currently available and priced at $159

The Spark AIO CPU cooler features a tool-free mourning bracket for a painless installation on most popular CPU sockets. This CPU block features support for Intel's LGA 1150, 1151, 1152, 1155, and more, and for AMD, this CPU block supports both the AM4 and seemingly offers support for the TR4 socket as well.

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CPU Block Copper Plate
Source: Zadak

This 240 mm CPU cooler utilizes two high-class radiator fans for near-silent operation; these fans are able to reach a speed of up to 1800 RPM with a maximum noise level of 25 dBA. These fans allow for an airflow of up to 46.34 CFM and are controlled through PWM.

Radiator and Radiator Fans
Source: Zadak

The Spark AIO CPU cooler makes use of a high-efficiency radiator, which has an FPI value of 22. This radiator provides a high surface area for the maximum cooling performance possible. This radiator is created using the aluminum, and the tube connecting the radiator to the CPU block is a sleeved rubber tube.

Top End of CPU Block
Source: Zadak

For lighting, the Spark AIO CPU cooler uses the world-leading technology of the 2nd generation of ARGB that allows for a large amount of customization in virtually any PC build. To further make the design of this AIO look fantastic is the CPU block features a custom Zadak design that includes ARGB LEDs located on either side of the metallic looking section of the pump cover. These ARGB LEDs allow this CPU block to illuminate the other components in the PC case.

This CPU cooler has a 5-year warranty to offer customers confidence in their purchase from Zadak. Zadak is available worldwide and is priced at $159, to learn more check out the product page linked here.