Yuzu Nintendo Switch PC Emulator Gets Audio and Stuttering Fixes


Yuzu, the open source Nintendo Switch emulator for PC, continues to improve thanks to the hard work of the project's developers. In late 2019, Yuzu got the Vulkan API update which significantly improved performance for AMD and Intel graphics cards.

Now, they have focused on fixing the existing issues with audio.

Triangle Strategy Runs At 4K Resolution, 60 FPS on PC With Yuzu

Courtesy of developer Tobi, Early Access testing has begun on improvement to Audio Emulation. With new mixing and audio interpolation, your games should sound and play better than before!

A new video posted by YouTuber BSoD Gaming showcases the audio mixing improvements, the stereo sound function and the frame rate improvements, which should be in the 10-20% range depending on your rig.

Needless to say, Yuzu remains an experimental emulator. However, it is moving at a much faster rate than the Nintendo Wii U emulator CemU for example. There's already a 'resolution rescaler' feature that lets you run games at a far higher resolution, for example, provided your PC can handle the ordeal.

As you might expect from the name, this feature increases native resolution through a set of rules enforced by a profile, very similar to other emulators such as Cemu. You can select Profile Scanner (Native) option in the Internal Resolution drop-down list.

  • When this option is selected, yuzu will continuously learn more about your specific games rendering methods, and will help create a resolution profile for that game.
  • Once a profile is generated or obtained, the user can then select what multiplier they would like to increase their resolution by (2x, 4x, etc).
  • You can find these rescaling profiles under %APPDATA%/yuzu/rescaling/ on Windows and ~/.local/share/yuzu-emu/rescaling/ on Linux, or you can right-click the game on the UI and click on Open Rescaling Profile.
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