YouTube Takes on Twitch with a New “Clips” Feature

Furqan Shahid
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Although YouTUbe and Twitch can be called similar in many ways, it is also important to know that both services are inherently different and serve a different audience altogether. YouTube is more focused on video sharing, while Twitch is all about streaming, whatever it is that you wish to stream. However, YouTube has started testing a clipping feature on the platform, which allows the creators to capture short segments from their videos or live streams. The feature is now available on desktop and Android devices but will soon be available on iOS devices.

YouTube Makes it Easier for Creators to Save Their Clips by Adding a Twitch-Like Feature.

Lester, the Global Head of Gaming Creators, announced this on Twitter.

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There is nothing new about this feature, though. Clipping has been around on Twitch for some time now, and YouTube says that it will start testing this feature with a small group of creators at the start. However, it plans on making new updates and features based on the feedback received from the said creators.

The Clips feature on YouTube will enable creators and signed in users to select 5-60 second segment from their video uploads and streams, which they can then share on various social media platforms. However, it is important to know that the Clips will not be made from videos made for kids, live streams without DVR, live streams that are over 8 hours in length, or premiers that are still live.

Once you start viewing an eligible video on YouTube, you will need to click the clip icon under the video to create and share a clip. Once the clip box shows up, you will then need to select the section of the video you want to clip and give it a title. The next step is to click the Share Clip button to access all the sharing options you will be given access to.

Honestly, YouTube bringing this option is just a way to diversify even more, but we cannot use that feature at the time of writing, but we will wait for a word from creators and see if it is similar Twitch has been doing since 2016.

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