YouTube Now Lets You Change the Name of Your Channel Effortlessly

Uzair Ghani
YouTube now lets you change the name of your channel effortlessly

YouTube is making it extremely easy for creators to change the name of their channel. You don't have to change anything from your Google account.

Going for that Big Rebrand of Your YouTube Channel? You Can Now Change the Name Without Changing Anything from Your Google Account

Changing the name of your Youtube channel has been a task which many considered painful. You had to alter your Google account name and photo in order to make these changes. It did not make much sense. Ask any YouTuber and they will tell you.

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But today, you can just go ahead and change the name and photo of your YouTube channel to anything else without tinkering around with your Google account. If you were holding back on that big rebranding, then today is the day you can do it effortlessly.

While this does sound like a super easy thing to do, and it actually is, but there is a huge downside to this. Once you make the name change, you will lose your verified status on YouTube. You have to go through the trouble of being verified again.

If you want to change the name of your YouTube channel right now, simply sign into YouTube Studio, then click on Customization under Basic Info.

Mobile users can do so by tapping on your display image, then go to your channel and then tap Edit Channel. It is as simple as that.

If you do not see the ability to change the name of your channel yet then do not panic as the entire change can take a while to propagate to everyone. Trust us, the internet is a huge place and Google is doing all it can to reach everyone.

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