YouTube Goes Through an Overhaul With Black Dark Theme, Ambient Mode and More Updates

Furqan Shahid
YouTube Goes Through an Overhaul with Black Dark Theme, Ambient Mode and More Updates

YouTube has been testing the new design for some time and today, the company has finally announced the latest update that brings a number of features such as Ambient Mode, and more.

Listening to users, YouTube has even fixed the dark theme, it can now be “even darker, so the colors truly pop on your screen” on the web, mobile, and smart TVs. Currently, it is on the greyer side and once the update rolls out, it will look a lot like the actual dark themes.

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When you have turned on the theme, users can go ahead and enable a “subtle effect so the app background color adapts to match the video.” For those wondering, how it works, the AMbient mode tints the status bar on the phone, along with the strip that shows the title of the video under the player. “Dynamic color sampling” is leveraged with Google “inspired by the light that screens cast out in a darkened room and wanted to recreate the effect so viewers were drawn right into the content and the video takes an even greater focus on our watch page.”

Color was a key theme for us during the development phase. We wanted to add vibrancy to our apps without detracting from viewers’ habits, whether that’s enjoying their recommended videos or browsing for new content.

The ambient mode will be available on the web and on mobile whenever the app detects that the dark mode is enabled. Google has also said that it is using the same color scheme in playlists “more details about each playlist so viewers can easily jump right in.”

This is what the Ambient Mode is going to look like:

And below, you can see the old and new YouTube.

In addition to that, the YouTube app is also getting the pinch-to-zoom feature which is going to be rolling out starting today on both iOS and Android in landscape mode. Additionally, users will be getting access to precise seeking on desktop and mobile, and will “drag or swipe up while seeking to display a row of thumbnails in the video player.”

Moving further, YouTube has placed a lot of buttons within compact pills. Users are now going to get access to thumbs up/down, Share, Download, Save, and Subscribe. The latter will also come with higher contrast, and YouTube thinks that it will be  “easier to find and way more accessible” even if the button is no longer red. Last but not least, YouTube links in video descriptions will change to buttons.”

In case you are interested, you can read all about it here.

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