You’ll Be Able to Control Your Smart Toilet and Tub With the Google Assistant Later on This Year


Not too long ago, I remember joking about how smart devices will creep in everywhere, including your bathroom. It turns out, that's exactly what's happening. At Google I/O this year, the company announced a list of devices the Google Assistant would get support for, and not surprisingly, smart toilets and tubs were on the list. Other appliances on the list include A/Cs, air purifiers, fans, coffee makers, kettles, ovens, sprinklers, unsurprising additions like blinds, humidifiers and dehumidifiers and set-top boxes. That's a crap ton of appliances, and the list will only get longer as people seem to like the prospect of talking to their appliances. Here's the segment at Google I/O that sheds more light on Actions. It's an exciting watch, do check it out:

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Bear in mind, smart toilets already exist and are manufactured by the likes of Kohler, and they cost a shit ton of money. For the low price of $5,000, you can get a toilet that has ambient coloured lighting, Bluetooth music sync capability and a heated seat and foot warmer. For now, the product in questions works exclusively with Alexa and even has its own built-in speakers to play some smooth jazz or heavy metal music, depending on your bowel movements.

The smart toilet isn't the company's only innovation. Kohler is hell-bent on taking your entire bathroom online and even has products such as a smart mirror, smart showers, smart sinks and smart faucets, all compatible with Alexa. Their smart bathtub lets users set the water depth temperature via a connected app. Soon, you'll be able to ask Assistant on your phone or Google Home to heat the seat or clean up after you, as you were too busy browsing Reddit. At this point, the memes make themselves, and it won't be long before we read about someone's entire network getting compromised due to an unpatched vulnerability in their smart shower head.