You Can Now Stream Hulu in HDR on Apple TV


Great news, everyone. You can now stream Hulu in HDR on your Apple TV. But, there is a small catch.

Hulu Gains HDR Support on Apple TV for Original TV Shows and Movies

The catch is a rather simple one - the HDR content is limited to original TV shows and movies only. And also, you do need an Apple TV that supports HDR output in order to make use of this feature. A supported HDR TV is also required, including one of those expensive HDR cables that make the whole thing happen in the first place.

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Once the easy part is done, all you have to do is dig into Hulu originals and look for TV shows and movies with the ‘HDR’ badge on it. Once playing on your HDR TV, you can experience Hulu in the best possible color output and dynamic range which is nothing but a treat.

At the time of writing, the HDR content is extremely limited. There is a chance that you might not see HDR content at all on Hulu as it is rolling out to everyone gradually around the globe. And yes, you need to be in a country that officially supports Hulu in order to get in on the action.

We are hoping that HDR support will roll out to more TV shows and movies in the coming days and months.