You Can Now Look for Real-Life Emojis With Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt


Google has always been a step ahead of the rest when it comes to interacting with their audience. From hidden easter eggs in their products to pop-culture references, they've got something for everyone. Some of the examples of pop culture references include Mario Kart in Google maps on Mario Day, and Star Wars references on May the 4th. Today, the company announced an emoji scavenger hunt; an open-source application based on tensorflow.js. According to their blog post:

Emojis have become a language all their own, so much so that we use them every day to communicate in texts and emails. These emojis are obviously modeled after their real world counterparts, which got us thinking: can we use the power of our phones to find the real world versions of the emojis we use every day?

Introducing Emoji Scavenger Hunt ?️‍♀️, powered by Tensorflow.js—TensorFlow’s open-source framework for machine learning with JavaScript. It works like this: the game will show you an emoji, and you have to find its real world version before time expires. While you search, the neural network will try and guess what it’s seeing—proof that machine learning can be used for more than serious applications. Sometimes, you’re just on the hunt for a ?, and machine learning can help.

The rules are simple. You'll be shown an emoji on the screen and you've to find its real-life variant in a given time. So, if the game shows you a pen emoji, you need to find a pen. Successfully finding an object unlocks the next one and so on. Google says that the game is designed to help train their emoji machine learning algorithms better. Here's a video of some gameplay:

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The game also attempts to identify other common objects and asks you to verify what it is. For example, in your quest for a fork, if it finds a spoon along the way, you'll be asked "is that a spoon?". It's a fun little scavenger hunt that you can do in your free time. To play the game, navigate to this link using your mobile device (works on desktop too, but do you really want to lug your laptop around?). Have fun and let us know in the comments how many emojis did you manage to find.

News Source: Google