Yes, Twitter is Working on an Edit Tweet Button; It’s 100% Real and it’s Not a Joke at All


As unbelievable it may sound, but Twitter has confirmed that it is actually work on an Edit Tweet button.

You Asked for it and Twitter is Finally Going to Deliver on a 'Edit Tweet' Button - Feature Will Go Under Testing with Twitter Blue Users First

A few days back Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter asking whether or not the social media platform should have an Edit button. Obviously, the answer was a resounding yes. But today, Twitter has confirmed that the company has been working on an Edit button for a long, long time. In fact, way before the poll even went up, so you can rest assured that the company caved into public pressure.

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Twitter says that it is going to start testing the feature with Twitter Blue users to make sure that the button works for everyone and is not a half-baked effort. Currently, it seems as though the 'feature' is going to be extremely straightforward. Simply select the tweet you want to edit and then tap on Edit Tweet.

It would be interesting to see how Twitter actually makes this one available to everyone. See, the thing is, anyone can post false news, only to change it back later. It is highly likely that Twitter will tell everyone that the tweet has been edited. Whether or not we will be able to see previous revisions of the tweet remains a mystery.

But, you were waiting for an Edit button and Twitter is on its way to deliver. The feature is months away for release so we will highly recommend dialing down your hype a little and hope that everything goes through as smoothly as possible.

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Twitter itself tweeted on April Fools' day that it was working on an Edit button and it was simply taken as a joke. But today's clarification simply makes our day that much better.

If you are extremely excited about this feature and want to be the first to test it out, then be sure to sign up for Twitter Blue. Also keep in mind whether or not the feature will become available to free users as well. There is a chance that the Edit Tweet button will remain exclusive to Twitter Blue, so be ready to pay up if you want to edit those tweets.

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